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SVN Primer

st - svn status - looks up current directory and sub-directories for changed files/new files

  1. svn add file_path - only for new files
  2. svn st - status changes
  3. svn commit file_path -m “message about the change” - files separated by a space or directories
  4. Difference of working copy (HEAD) and revision # 25719 (Revision # can be obtained from svn log | less) svn diff footer.comp -r 25719:HEAD check log changes svn log | less show modified files svn log -v | less less - goes by line more - goes by page
  5. revert file svn cat filepath -r28963 > filepath
  6. Review code svn diff | vim - -R or better add it to .bashrc: alias sd=’svn diff | vim - -R